Will Be Back, One Day

Will Be Back, One Day


Luís Baía

A wanderer at Planet Earth

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Hello, my name is Luís Baía, I’m Portuguese and was born in the far far away year of 1976. I’ve been a seasonal traveller for more than 10 years but only in 2015 I decided to quit my job and do some independent travel for a longer period. I was 4 months in Africa and am currently starting a trip in Asia with my girlfriend Ilze.

Related to travelling, my other passions are photography, birdwatching and art/world cinema and I hope I can share some of it through this website.

Ilze Legzdina


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My name is Ilze and I am a nice Latvian girl. Since many years I remember a poster on my best friend’s doors saying “It was a day like this when Marco Polo decided to travel the world. What are your plans for today?” I kept it in mind for almost 10 years. Then I fall in love with this guy, Luís, who gave me a kick to say “It’s time for me to go.”

I am trying to do my best to live the moment, enjoy life travelling, helping others, being nice to people, minding nature, and trying out new things, foods, activities, while doing my best to have and maintain good health and well-being.